Max Savings

Our Max Savings
account is offered to children age 12 and under.  It is designed to teach kids good saving habits; short-term incentives will help them learn to save for long-term goals. 


  • $25 minimum balance required to open
  • No service charge
  • Deposit or withdraw funds at any time*
  • Earn “Moose Tracks” to redeem for prizes**
  • Accrues interest daily*** and pays quarterly**** 
  • Quarterly statements of account earnings
  • Monthly statements with electronic activity

Transaction Limitations

Federal banking regulations limit you to six withdrawls per calendar quarter. 

Certain restrictions on the number of transactions apply. These accounts do not have check writing access.  See a New Accounts representative for details. 

**  For every $5 deposited, you'll receive one "Moose Track."   Redeem your tracks for prizes at any of our 5 branches.

***  Interest will not accrue on balances less than $100.

****  Accrued interest is forfeited if account closes before quarter end.

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