"Denali State Bank is always there."

-Gerald Timmons, Owner


Splash & Dash Car Wash Express currently provides full-service washing, waxing, and car detailing in four locations across Alaska.  


Splash & Dash has been a business customer of the bank since 2013 and offers two convenient locations in Fairbanks.  According to Gerald Timmons, owner, Denali State Bank has played a critical role in helping the business achieve its goals: 

  "When the car wash was in need of a total rebuild and when we needed to purchase new equipment, Denali State Bank was there for us...  

...and when an opportunity to purchase a Wasilla car wash emerged we needed a quick answer on financing. We got it with no delays and a successful project was accomplished thanks to the Denali State Bank loan officer understanding our business.  We are looking for a fifth site now, and if we find it, we know Denali State Bank will be there. " 


If you haven't visited Splash & Dash lately then we recommend that you do so as we believe it's the best car wash in Alaska! 


Splash & Dash Car Wash Express

720 Old Steese Hwy (East Fairbanks)
201 University Ave (West Fairbanks)
1900 E Palmer-Wasilla Hwy (Wasilla)
8215 Old Seward Hwy (Anchorage)

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