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When you live in a place as unique as Fairbanks, having a connection you can relate to means a lot. Denali State Bank has a proven record of bringing quality, local lending experience and an established culture of customer service to mortgage lending. Our team will guide you through the mortgage process in the relaxed atmosphere that only a hometown lender can provide. Which makes it easier—and quicker to get into the home you want.

Available Financing Options Include:

  • Conventional Financing 
  • FHA/VA
  • Physician Loans
  • Wet/Dry Cabin Loans
  • Recreational Properties
  • Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

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We’re located at 119 North Cushman Street in downtown Fairbanks and can also be reached at 907-458-4202.


Whether you plan to buy a car, ATV or airplane, or to pay medical expenses, take a vacation or want to consolidate debt into a single payment, Denali State Bank is here to help with all of your personal lending needs.

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Discount for qualifying loans: deposit customers can choose “Auto Pay” and receive a .25% rate reduction on most personal loan rates!

Denali State Bank has partnered with Lending Club, a trusted credit marketplace, to provide its customers a lower-cost alternative to a traditional personal loan.


A leader in providing quality financing for home construction in Interior Alaska, Denali State Bank is dedicated to getting you the answers you need, when you need them.

We offer you:

  • Local loan decisions
  • Competitive rates
  • Quick approval time

Arctic climates require unique construction techniques as well as knowledgeable lenders. Trust the professional construction lenders at Denali State Bank to see you through every phase of your unique construction project. Whether you are a seasoned expert or a first-time homebuilder, you can rely on Denali State Bank to help meet your financing needs.

Still have questions? Call or email our friendly staff and ask how Denali State Bank can assist in making your dream a reality. 

We invite you to drop by and meet our experienced lending team or contact us at your convenience.